New Zealand is emerging as a popular choice among Indian students to pursue higher education. With its excellent quality education system, ample research opportunities, globally recognised degree, the matchless standard of living and picturesque locations, New Zealand has a lot to offer.

Its education programs and university courses are recognised all over the world and help in getting a high paying job. Some of the top universities in NZ are-

University of Auckland
University of Otago
University of Canterbury
Victoria University of Wellington
University of Waikato
Massey University
Lincoln University
Auckland University of Technology

The education system in New Zealand is based on the British education model. It’s higher education courses are famous for their advanced facilities and quality of teaching. International students can benefit from the NZ education system and their practical approach in learning and modern teaching practices.

Why study in New Zealand?

  • Work up to 20 hours a week is allowed for students to help them offset the amount of tuition and living costs.
  • The universities in NZ doesn’t require higher scores as the universities of US and UK do.
  • Top eight universities of the world are in NZ, offering a wide variety of courses to international students and ample research opportunities.
  • The cities of NZ are very safe, and the crime rate is low in the country. The natives are approachable and welcoming, that makes international students comfortable in a new city and culture.