What factors do you consider while choosing an education destination? If the factors include cost-effective studies, internationally recognised degree, diversified culture and cuisines, lifestyle, and a safe destination of study, then Canada is the best choice. You will find each of these criteria fulfilled in Canada education, and therefore it becomes the most favoured and popular choice among Indians.

Canada receives over 500,000 international students every year, and Canadian universities are considered to be the best in the world. Also, universities are ranked higher and are globally recognised. The economy of Canada is the tenth-largest in the world due to its sufficient natural resources and well-maintained international trade relations. The country welcomes skilled professionals, talented students from across the globe wholeheartedly.

Top universities in Canada are-
University of Toronto
University of McGill
University of British Columbia
McMaster University
University of Waterloo

Industry and economic outlook-
The employment rate is high
Focus on technology and people more.
Strong service sector
Stable economy and growth
Ease of immigration

Why study in Canada?

  • Canada has been ranked under the top 10 best countries to live and get a higher education. It has become a popular choice among students across the world to get admission in universities and colleges.
  • The cost of living and tuition fee is less as compared to other English speaking countries. It is one of the main reasons why Indians prefer to study in Canada.
  • Canada is considered to be a leader in the field of aerospace engineering, telecommunications, biotechnology, mining technology and environmental industry.
  • The Canadian degree is recognized all over the world, and it adds value to your career.
  • Canada spends on education is more as compared to any other country; they give utmost importance to education for students.