France attracts international students because of its high-quality education system, rich heritage, modern culture, and thriving student life. Some of the top-class educational universities like university PSL, Ecole Polytechnique, and Sorbonne University are there in France. Being one of the most affordable study destinations across the world, France has become a student’s first choice.

Additionally, France has the fifth largest economy in the world, and its service sector contributes to almost 70% of the country’s GDP. Besides this, tourism, agriculture, energy and technology are also contributing well to the country’s economy. France has marked its name in the manufacturing sector also, including aerospace, automobile, railway, and cosmetics.

The educational universities in France believe not only in giving quality education, but also in helping the students get themselves acquainted with French culture and language, so they don’t face any issues while finding a job. They are also giving an excellent opportunity to work on part-time or full time basis along with studies.

Why study in France?
The France education system encourages young talent in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.
France culture and language is appreciated worldwide.
Many prestigious and world-renowned universities are there in France which are well known for their interactive environment.
France is ranked as the fifth-largest economy in the world.
Attractive work opportunities post-study.
Friendly and safe country.
Research and development opportunities.