Germany has recently become a magnet of higher education for international students. The country boasts of its quality education, hands-on experience, globally recognised degrees and worldwide ranked universities. Moreover, the exotic country has a long and beautiful history, a lifestyle that is a mix of modern and classics, the urban and the rural, every possible thing will make your every second memorable while studying!

International students value the German universities for high-class education, hands-on experience during the studies and the country’s safe environment. There are many top, and renowned universities in Germany spread throughout the country in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and many others.

On the other hand, Germany is listed as the world’s fourth and fifth largest economy all around by nominal GDP and GDP PPP. Germany is also the home to stunning landscapes, lush green plantation, forests, castles, and giant mountains. Also, there are islands with long dunes, belt of heaths and alps with sparkling lakes.

There are 380+ universities in Germany but the top ones are-
LMU Munich
Heidelberg university
University of Tubingen
RWTH Aachen
University of Cologne
University of Bonn

Why study in Germany?

  • Germany receives nearly 3,60,000 students every year as the country is ranked amongst the world’s top education destinations. Thousands of scholars who come from various countries trust the education system of Germany and get a qualified degree from here.
  • Germany is the only education destination which offers top-quality education to its students at low and affordable costs.
  • In addition to having the world’s top-ranked education institutions, Germany also provides you with a wide variety of courses to choose from. These courses are designed to suit your interests and expertise.
  • The German law allows international students to work part-time so that they can bear the costs of living easily. Students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week.
  • The degree issued by German Universities hold a great value and highly respected in every country. As a result of this, German graduates enjoy the perks of high employability anywhere worldwide.